I was born and raised in Central Jersey (no “New” required), between the hustle-and-bustle of Manhattan and the quiet of the country.

Onboard Oceania Cruises' REGATTA, New York, September 2013 (Stuart Gewirtzman)
Onboard Oceania Cruises’ REGATTA, New York, September 2013 (Stuart Gewirtzman)

My parents, both also Jersey born-and-bred, met on a ski lift in Crested Butte, Colorado, so I guess that I was destined to have some wanderlust. For the first eighteen years of my life, I explored the United States on family trips, from intensive lighthouse-photographing weekends in New England to a two-week cross-country road trip to Colorado in 2006. In addition, annual family holidays to the Outer Banks of North Carolina have given me a love for that strip of barrier islands, a place I visit several times a year and consider a second home.

I never got around to leaving the United States until 12 April 2008, when I did it in grand style aboard Queen Elizabeth 2 one of her final trans-Atlantic crossings to Southampton, England. Ships are a life-long passion of mine, and getting to experience one of the final crossings of QE2 was a life-changing experience. Not only did it fulfill what had been my life’s goal to that point, but it also gave me a love of exploring the world in unusual ways.

I frequently travel on off-road overland road trips in one of my two Land Rovers, my 1993 Range Rover Classic LWB “Spenny” and my 1994 Discovery “Duncan.” Many a weekend at home is dedicated to fixing them when I’m not on a trip!

My love of history takes me many places close to home, as well. I have a love for New Jersey, and a mission to defend the Garden State against the “which exit?” brigade. I also spend much of my time in New York City, where I work for The Book Report Network, and I love tracking down the history of the city, as well as following activity in the Port of New York.

When I’m not doing all that, I can be found throwing stones at the Plainfield Curling Club, cheering on Liverpool FC from my living room Kop, or bashing about the woods with my GPS in search of geocaches.