Land Rover Adventures

These are photo journals of my Land Rover-based adventures, including rallies and overland trips primarily based around Land Rovers.


February: Oxford Romp
The Last Great Rover Event before the world went on pause


December: NJLR James Bay Road Expedition
The Jersey Gang ticks off a bucket list item — winter in Northern Quebec

September: Uwharrie Not-a-Safari
Two far-away friends, one midpoint National Forest, and some off-roading

June: Does This Rental Rover Go to Ontario?
The OVLR Birthday Party by rented Discovery 5

May: The Mark IV Grand Tour
Start with lunch in New Jersey, end up in Lubec, Maine

May: A Short Drive in the Red Rock
Atlanta to Moab to drive the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park

April: mendo_recce Joe Lucas Not-a-Rallye XXV
25 Years of Lazy Buggers


December: Death Valley in ’19
Ringing in the New Year with three metal dash Rovers in Death Valley

April/May: The Mother Country Trail
(incorporates mendo_recce Joe Lucas Not-a-Rallye XXIV)
Across America — twice — in my Discovery 1 to attend Mendo


September: Adventures with Nugget in Search of Oregon
Exploring Oregon by Mark III Range Rover

June: Ottawa Valley Land Rovers 34th Annual Birthday Party
The annual pilgrimage north

April: mendo_recce Joe Lucas Not-a-Rallye XXIII
My first Mendo, but not my last


September: “Vermontaneous”
“Want to come hang by the pool?” “Nah, want to come to Vermont?”