James Bay Road Expedition 2019-20

In December 2019, my New Jersey Land Rovers group headed up on a bucket list trip, to the James Bay Road in Northern Quebec. We’d discussed this trip ad infinitum over campfires for a decade. Finally, when my friend Jarek, who had moved from New Jersey to Florida, found himself coming north for Christmas, the plans came together. On Boxing Day, we rolled out, and a long-time dream for all of us was achieved.

It was a great way to ring in a new decade with great, long-time friends. It would also soon end up being a trip from another era. As our trip came to a close, China informed the WHO of the Coronavirus that would throw the world into a crippling pandemic just months later. But as we explored the north of Quebec, that all seemed impossible.

Trip Logs

Pre-Trip Thoughts
Onward to Ottawa! (26 December 2019)
Gatineau to Matagami (27 December 2019)
Driving Up the James Bay Road (28 December 2019)
Radisson and Chisasibi (29 December 2019)
Homeward Bound, Radisson to New Jersey (30 December 2019 – 1 January 2020)