The Mother Country Trail

20 April- 7 May 2018
Moab, Utah / Mendocino National Forest, California / Lost Coast, California / Alvord Desert, Oregon / Jackson Hole, Wyoming / The Greater United States of America

The Mother Country Trail is my biggest Land Rover adventure yet: a roadtrip from New Jersey to California to attend this year’s mendo_recce event. It’s a trip with a lot of prep; I began seriously working on the truck in January 2018, and it was in no shape to go on this trip. The goal here is twofold: to attend the event and see my friends, and to finally have a nice, classic Land Rover that’s not falling apart in one way or another. I’m live blogging both the prep and the trip itself. The blogs will post on the Blog page of this site, but this page is an index to the entire collection of articles.

Daily Blogs

Day 1 (21 April 2018): Go West, and Grow Up with the Country

Pre-Trip Blogs

T-93 (17 January 2018): Origins
T-53 (26 February 2018): Rust Gets in Your Eyes
T-45 (5 March 2018): A Transfer of Goals
T-39 (12 March 2018): Unplugged
T-36 (15 March 2018): Out-Putting
T-31 (20 March 2018): I Think I Can
T-30 (21 March 2018): Sealing the Deal, Part 1