Spenny the Range Rover

There’s a second character that will make an appearance in my writings, my 1993 Land Rover Range Rover County LWB, “Spenny.” Named after Charles Spencer King, the designer of the Range Rover Classic, I’ve had him since February 2007 and have put over 25,000 miles on the clock since then. (Mostly trips; I don’t drive much around town!)

From the data I have, Spenny was put into service on 14 May 1993, in Long Branch, New Jersey. (There’s something about us Jersey boys, I guess.) After a detour through Virginia and Washington, DC, I picked him up from a fellow Land Rover enthusiast in Arlington, and my dad and I hauled him back to New Jersey on a trailer behind my dad’s Suburban.

The Eastern Termini of Our Adventures So Far, East Quoddy Head, Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada. March 2009.

Spenny’s a pretty tough truck. He’s got a full coil conversion from the faulty stock air suspension, complete with a small lift; a heavy steel ARB front bumper; a slightly jury-rigged stereo system with blown front speakers and an iPod input; the beginnings of a custom cargo area organisation system; and most special of all, approximately fifty stickers from all the places we’ve been together.

Owning a Land Rover, especially a vintage one, is something not everyone can do. There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears shared between us. Seeing as he’s of British stock, he is never fully functional, but I take the electrical quirks and funny noises in stride for the joy that owning such a beautiful machine gives me. It’s the kind of truck that becomes more than just transport; it becomes an extension of yourself.