These are photo journals of my various travels, not including Land Rover rallies, which are documented on the Land Rover Adventures page. A bunch of these listings are placeholders for retrospectives of trips to write when I have time.


October: Bayou Beacons
The lighthouses from Mobile, Alabama to Galveston, Texas

August: The Mid-Coast Maine Grand Slam
Ticking off lighthouses in Maine

July: There’ll Be Glory Round the Fields of Michigan Stadium
Seeing Liverpool FC in Ann Arbor

May: Superior Mandatory Services
VIA Rail Canada’s Sudbury-White River Train, Toronto

April-May: The Mother Country Trail
Across America — and back — by Land Rover


September: Jumbo Journey
Ushant, France/United Airlines 747 FRA-SFO/Portland, Oregon

August: Total Solar Eclipse
Cashiers, North Carolina


March: Ride the Rails
Amtrak’s Crescent/Charlottesville, Virginia/New Orleans, Louisiana/Amtrak’s Sunset Limited/Long Beach, California