The Total Eclipse of the Sun

Cashiers, North Carolina
19 August 2017 – 22 August 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many different plans for one trip. But when the sun and moon overlap across a swath covering the entire United States, it does leave a lot of options for adventure.

On 21 August 2017, a total eclipse of the sun crossed the United States, casting a 50-mile wide swath of the country into darkness for a few minutes. From Oregon to South Carolina, every town in totality was jammed full. With so many interesting places in the totality zone, there was also a lot of opportunity for adventures to tie in. I started my plans in late 2016 with the idea of visiting friends in Charleston, at the end of the path, but then I thought that this might be the chance for a grand Land Rover adventure. I thought how I could head out west with the Discovery, maybe Wyoming…or maybe Idaho…or clear across to Oregon. Two, three weeks, work a bit on the road. It all made so much sense until I looked at the Disco and considered that while I was doing good on its restoration, we weren’t quite there yet.

Plan three was the charm, going to visit my Aunt at her house in Cashiers, North Carolina, with two minutes and forty three seconds of totality. There was the risk of weather, sure, but at the least it’d be a nice weekend in the mountains of North Carolina, where I hadn’t been in a decade. I booked a flight to Atlanta, where we would start our trip, wondering if this trip would be boom or bust.

Chapter 1: You Flew Your Embraer Down to Atlanta, Georgia to See the Total Eclipse of the Sun
19 August 2017